PYE Weeks 10 & 11: Yucky Scalp; One Month Since My Last Wash

P.Y.E Week 10 & 11

For the 4 Weeks, I’ve been on travel non-stop; I have been neglectful in posting my updates for the challenge. Though I have been a full participant, wearing only protective styles and taken pictures to show the style, I haven’t been updating like I should have.

For weeks 10 and 11, I wore my hair in the Crown & Glory Style. This style is easy and allows me to style only once a week…which is ideal since I am out of my usual haircare comfort zone. I’ve been living in a hotel and do not have access to the tools I’d normally use to cleanse my scalp, condition, deep condition, and seal my hair. Therefore, I opted to wear my hair in the aforementioned style because it hides all of the gunk on my scalp :). Once a week, I’ve taken down my hair, spritzed it with Aloe Vera Juice, lightly finger detangled to remove any shed hairs, and sealed with my homemade shea butter cream. Though this kept my hair from drying out and breaking off, I know without a shadow of a doubt that what’s happening inside my scalp is ungodly! I am wondering if my hair growth has been stunted, since one of the best conditions for hair grownth is a scalp free of dirt and debris. I feel terrible, but I refuse to try to cleanse my scalp under my current living conditions. This is my last week traveling until the end of May; I return home on Friday, so this weekend my plan of attack is to return to my normal monthly regiment.
I am so excited about having a clean scalp! The last week of March is the final week of the challenge and I will wear my hair in protective styles as the challenge dictates…but on April 1st, and probably through out the week, some part, if not all of my hair, will be out and about!

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