Recycled Style: Twist-N-Curl UpDo

Happy Friday! This week I wore my hair in a twist-n-curl. My goal was to achieve at least 3 day hair and a restyle on day 4.

French Rolled the back and pushed up the front

Here’s what actually happened with the style:

  1. Monday and Tuesday: My hair looked great 🙂
  2. Wednesday and Thursday: By Wednesday I’d had enough sleeping pretty so I used an elastic headband to push my hair into a high curly crown
  3. Friday: Last night I’d planned to re-twist and curl my hair; however, after my dance class last night I was too tired. Instead, I decided to french roll the back of my hair and let the front hang down. I think it came out cute, with the exception of some crushed curls. I may re-curl just the front for tonight or just wait until tomorrow and do it
  4. Saturday: Tomorrow I plan to re-do just the top of my hair. I will also be doing a DIY neck pillow for naturals!
  5. Sunday/Beauty Day: This week, I will be going to Korea (Super excited about that!) so before I leave, I want to experiment with flexi-rods for the first half of the week! Will post on how that goes! While I’m in Korea, I will probably opt for simple protective styles since there is a 13 hour time difference and I know I’ll wrestle with the adjustment. Look out for updates from Korea 🙂

As for my initial goals for the week, I didn’t quite reach them due to my impatience for sleeping pretty, but overall, I’ve had a great hair week!

Did you achieve your hair goals for the week?

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