Tips For Traveling Transitioners

Traveling can wreak havoc on your wash routine; trust me!

Since Jan of this year, I’ve traveled at least two weeks consecutively out of each month, and during March I was on travel the entire month. Usually I travel within the states, but I was sent to Korea recently and there is a trip to Germany I am hoping to get assigned to me. In January 2013, there will also be a Hawaii trip to which I have been assigned…I’m really looking forward to that one!

In light of transitioning and having to travel so much, I’ve come up with a few tips that have assisted me in my quest to continue to have a successful transition, despite not being able to stick to my normal routine.

Plan to Adjust Your Routine

Knowing you won’t be able to have the same routine due to traveling, make time for your hair prior to your travel day.

In my case, I co-wash and deep condition my hair on a weekly basis; I had to adjust to a bi-weekly routine or, if I will be gone for a month, I simply do my clay wash and deep condition on the one day I’m home in between my trips. 

Products, Tools, & Accessories
Depending on how long you will be traveling, determine how much and which products you will need to last throughout your trip. Tools and accessories include anything that can be used to enhance your style, including perm rods, bobby pins, ouch less bands, etc.

In my case, because I only re-moisturize and re-seal my hair while I’m traveling, I only need to ensure I have my refreshing spray and shea butter cream. Most recently while on travel to Ft Bragg, since I have family in the area, I wanted to be fancy and packed my perm rods so I could show my younger cousin, who is trying to transition, how she could achieve a braid-n-curl. I do, however, ALWAYS carry ouch less headbands to aid in protective styles.


Due to baggage carry-on limitations, passengers are limited to 3oz liquids. If you are checking bags, product sizes are not restricted.

I usually only need the 3oz size products, which I pack in my carry on baggage, just in case my check luggage is lost or stolen.  This way, I won’t go without or have to purchase products when I reach my destination.

Hair Styles

Depending on how long your styles last, how long you prefer to wear your styles and the versatility of certain styles, your options are unlimited.

I mostly wear protective styles during my travels so that I don’t have to worry about waking up to style my hair, thus being able to sleep later 🙂

I’ve found these recommendations to work for me as a transitioner on the go! Hopefully they will for you as well!

Are You a Traveling Transitioner? If so, what works for you?





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3 thoughts on “Tips For Traveling Transitioners”

  1. I’m planning to study in Korea actually for a semester (5 months) even though its far away and I’m just beginning my transition so I’ll be about 9 months post when I go. I’m nervous already thinking about how I’m going to plan it out. but I think the idea of protective easy styles is a good idea

    1. You will have an excellent time! Congratulations!

      What protective styles are you planning on trying? IDK how you feel about braids, but if you are a low maintenance girl like myself, that may be a viable option since you’ll be out of the country and chances are, you won’t be able to find the same product selection in Korea as you will here. Of course, you can always order them online and have them mailed to you…or just stock up for a few months while you’re here!
      Good Luck in your studies! Korea is a wonderful place and the food is excellent!

  2. Nice! I like this. I don’t travel as much as you but when I will, I’ll know what to do with my hair.

    Also inspires me. It shows that being busy doesn’t prevent us from taking care of our hair wherever we are.

    Thanks you


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