Transition Natural Style: Buns

Protective Style: Repositioned Bun

It’s Thursday, and I not only re-moisturized my bun, but I also repositioned the bun!

I have been wearing a bun for almost two weeks now. Prior to yesterday, I’d not re moisturized, washed or conditioned my hair since my last wash day. I was being lazy really.

I posted my week 3 update for the challenge and received a comment from Natural by Nature:

“I love your bun, i was rocking this for a minute as well. Its one of my favorites. i often pin my to the side. I never actually take down the style and redo, but I do unroll the bun part, moisturize and tuck it back under”

To me, this was confirmation that I should try repositioning. In regards to buns, the serious bunners have all suggested that repositioning the bun will help relieve the tension put on the hair, due to it being pulled back for long periods of time.

Bun at the Crown

Initially, the bun was positioned at the crown of my head, and tucked the ends in the center, forming the bun.

Last night, I took the bun down and massaged my scalp. I was pleasantly surprised to find my definition from my original braid out was still in tact. Also, my hair wasn’t as dry as I thought it would be…go figure. I guess protective styling does help to retain moisture!

I separated my hair into about 6 sections to re-moisturize.

To each section I:

Once all sections were re-moisturized and sealed, using an elastic headband I pushed my hair to the back-middle of my head, versus at the crown where the old bun was positioned. I then tucked and bobby pinned sections of the ends in the middle of the bun. Voila! To jazz up my bun today, I added an elastic headband (to smooth out the front frizzies) and a homemade black and gold lace rosette!

Here are some protective styles I’ve worn during my transition

Do you wear protective styling? How do you jazz up your favorite styles?

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3 thoughts on “Transition Natural Style: Buns”

  1. Buns are my fave (and only) PS! I do sock buns (high or low w/ pizazz) and cinnabuns (high). The pizazz is a “bang”–I do twists or a roll-n-tuck thingy to switch things up. I also sometimes wear headbands with high buns.

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