Beauty Is | Documentary From A Pan-African POV

I love educational documentaries! While perusing Shadow and Act, I came across this documentary, by London-based filmmaker Toyin Agbetu.  According to Agbetu, the doc “explores the topic of beauty from a Pan African perspective through a collection of candid personal and group interviews, touching on touchy issues like hair, skin, body image, relationships and character”.

Recently, many films (Good Hair — Chris Rock) and documentaries (Dark Girls — Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry) have tackled the issues of colorism and the impact of western beauty standards on non-white people, particularly those of African descent.

Did the trailer pull you in, too? I’m excited to report that this documentary will be released later on this year!

I know some feel these are tired topics, and to a degree I wish we could as a race move on from it, but until our collective children can love and celebrate themselves, no matter their shade, until there are no more black girl blues over hair texture, until straight hair isn’t seen as a status symbol in some African countries, until we no longer have people killing themselves over skin lightening cremes, I welcome any and all discussion that will promote healing.

Will you be tuning in?

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Is | Documentary From A Pan-African POV”

  1. Thank you Knotty Natural for your kind words.

    You so get me.

    The film is not about moaning but healing especially for our children. As long as we internalize lies claiming that we cannot be beautiful without some kind of compromise then deep down we will continue to believe that we are ugly and some of us act accordingly.

    The film will be released on April 19th in the UK, hopefully we can arrange screenings at some US festivals a few months later.

    1. I am so honored that you visited and even commented 🙂

      I’d love to see the documentary when it premiers here at a US festival, or online if it’s available 🙂

      Thank You for your efforts toward a greater cause!

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