Fierce Friday Gratuitous Post|CurlFest & Altering a Hair Style To Your Liking

CurlFest142909This past Saturday was CurlFest. Last year I participated in the show and I must say that my experience this year tops previous! From the professional hair stylists and make up artists at All Dolled Up Salon to the stylists from Franchesca’s, I was impressed.

 My Hair:

CurlFest_collageTo achieve this look, my hair was first flexi-rodded all over.

The Red Rods Were Used

I sat under the dryer for 45 minutes and went home with the rods still in my hair. Because I was going horseback riding the following morning, we thought the style would hold better and we could prevent shrinkage, if the rods were still in.

Sleeping in flexi-rods can be done, but it won’t be a comfortable night’s rest! I woke up early Saturday morning and removed them altogether! After learning that it might rain, I decided to put a shower cap over my curls, followed by a silk bonnet, followed by a scarf! I’d rather be safe then sorry! All in all, it worked! Luckily there was no rain, but there was plenty of humidity; I believe having my hair covered saved my curls from falling.

BottomUpFrenchBraidTo achieve this style, my curls were plucked out so that they were as voluminous as possible. I think after the curls were picked out, the style direction changed.

The hair wasn’t set  in the direction in which the original style called for so they improvised!

The team ended up french braiding my hair from the bottom of the nape of my neck, upward. Once the braid was secured (bobby pins galore!), they created a makeshift top knot with my hair, and added an additional hair piece to form the top into fuller, side bouffant.

Although this look may have been perfect for the run way, I was not fond of the look for my personal life so I altered it!

StuffingAlteration Day 1: After removing the bobby pins that held the side bouffant in place, I was left with the top knot and a few spiral curls. I decided to fashion the top of my hair into a high sock bun. I twisted the hair piece, wrapped it around my top knot, and bobby pinned it securely in place.  Next, I wrapped my hair over the hair piece and pinned it into place until the entire bun had been formed.


From a side bouffant, to a high sock bun!
From a side bouffant, to a high sock bun!

I, like most women, like a bit of variety in her life! Although I liked the bun, it was not perfectly smooth around the sides, so I changed my look!

Alteration Day 2: After removing the bobby pins that held the high sock bun in place, I was left with the top knot and a few spiral curls. I decided to pick out the spiral curls and leave them to hang down in the front.

Day2Alteration_collageI’ve been receiving tons of compliments on this style and I must admit that I love it! Both styles are low maintenance, but style 1 is a protective style that allows you to hide your ends. Either style can be worn for a week (or more, depending on the person), without remoisturizing. Should you choose to remoisturize for style 2, you can remoisturize the spiral curls with products of your choice and either re-spiral, twist, or braid the front for an updated look.

Have you had to refashion your hairstyle to your liking?

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