What Topics Do Women Love to Hate Discussing?

I ran across an informative news blog, Change Comes Slow, written and managed by Nikeasha of Chicago Illinois. She dares to list the “5 Topics Black Women Hate to Love Discussing”.

1. SSBWS (Successful Single Black Woman Syndrome)
I believe most successful women are accused of having successful woman’s syndrome

2. Natural vs. Perm vs. Weave
Let’s live and let live. Personally, I no longer relax my hair, but I do not fault any woman for it.

3. The Long and Short of It All
Again, a personal choice for the woman.

4. Light vs. Dark
Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t simply exist for black women; it’s historically a world wide problem. Most cultures have been conditioned to value lighter skin, rather than dark skin.

5. A Weighty Issue
Women world wide struggle with weight issues. I think for Black (and Latina) women though, this issue is a bit more serious due to the fact that for the most part, our men tend to like meatier women. Let’s not mistake being curvaceous for being obese. Obesity is a serious problem that can happen to anyone.

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Pretty heavy stuff…

Do you agree ladies? It’s about to get dicey!!!

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