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virginhairToday, something came across my dashboard from Toni Delay that caught my attention.  Toni is a vlogger, who among other things reviews hair pieces; in this case, from a Chinese owned company.  Toni discovered the logo for said company was “Best Hair for African” and politely suggested that they add a person of African descent to their marketing team. The reply she received from the company was enough to make this woman start a movement, beginning with a website; (coming soon). The idea behind support a sista, is to support black and women owned businesses.  Check out the video below (you can fast forward through to the 2 minute mark to see the company’s response):

This woman’s experience isn’t surprising to me because I’ve long suspected that some people just don’t respect people of African descent; both here in America and in other places, however they do want our dollars (1.1 trillion dollars a year in buying power, if you haven’t heard).

In the past I’ve written about how I feel about voting with our wallets; that means supporting as often as possible the little man within my own community both politically and economically. Supporting businesses that build in our communities, rather than merely profiting from them, while treating customers as dispensable, rather than consumers with dignity and respect.

Let’s talk about how we can support one another to bring balance to the situation!

As a result of more women wearing their hair in it’s natural state, many woman-owned and/or black businesses that cater to natural hair care have emerged . If you’re a woman who wears hair pieces, many women of color have small businesses that sell wigs and weaves.  Let’s all commit to one another and sacrifice for the advancement of our people economically. Let’s travel that extra mile or spend that extra buck (or two) to further businesses that support our communities. Let’s spend money with these companies to show our support and solidarity! If we do that, we can definitely send a few more of our own boys and girls on to receive a higher education and on to a higher quality of life! Let’s love ourselves and our communities enough to embrace black owned businesses, and inspire those we know and love to do the same!

If you’re interested in finding black owned businesses in your area, (or registering your business) Black Owned Biz has a great directory of businesses worthy of a shot!

–The Knotty Natural


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