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Happy Hump Day To You!

When something worth sharing comes across my tweetdeck, I can’t help but to share it! This particular submission to a tumblr site, “How To Be Black” was particularly interesting to me because it was submitted by a white woman with “dirty-blonde fuzz” who wants kinky haired women to unite on the shared issue of hair bias.

Here’s my rant: You think hair bias is ‘racial’? HA! Why do black gals think that “good hair” is just a black thing, when we are ALL judged by the culture on a Womanly Worthiness Scale with Swedish stewardess blonde-silky-curtains at the top and frizzy kinks at the bottom? —and why can’t our black sisters get over it and be brave and welcoming role models for black AND white girls with kinks? When I was in high school and Afros got big (literally), I let my own dirty-blonde fuzz go free. (It wasn’t even a Jew-fro, I’m an Irish-German Catholic with lucky hair genes.) No more torture sessions with irons, hair dryers, sleeping on beer can-sized curlers. I carried an Afro pick and joyously terrified little old white ladies in public bathrooms by using it. But the moment seems to have passed, and now we have a whole body of documentaries and stuff by black women, 30 years later, still trying to figure out why sistahs can’t love the hair God gave them. Hello? You think YOU’re challenged to embrace the kinks? At least YOU have those cool ’70s icons to harken back to—Angela Davis, blah blah—not to mention awesome salons in happening black neighborhoods where I fantasize about how gorgeous black women bond over hours-long sessions with mystical African braiding wizards. Us kinky white girls get nothing but Failed Swedish Stewardess Syndrome. We sneak into Duane Reade and buy Miss Jessie’s Curl Creme (it works great on us, too), and fantasize about having the guts to get locks or cornrows. We treasure our few curly Caucasian role models (Alex Kingston, I’m talking to you, beautiful!) We hate black women who wear straight blonde hair—traitors to a cause that won’t even acknowledge our membership. And you know what really makes us crazy? Black women (like one published author) who think it’s “racist” when white girls toss their long, straight hair around in bars or elevators. We have been HATING those same white girls all our lives, starting in kindergarten parties in our whitey-white neighborhoods. But unlike you, we cannot unleash our Cultural Stereotype of Coolness in our own defense; we’re just the Frizzy-Haired White Girls, the sisters you won’t own. HAIR, ladies—it’s NOT just a black thing!


Alex Kingston: Kinky or Nah?

From everything I’ve read, all types of curly hair should be handled the same, despite the diameter (3 vs 4 curl types) of the curl. According to this woman’s post, like many kinky curly naturals, she too uses Misses Jessie’s products to tame her curls and had dealt with the social stigmas regarding  not fitting into the standard beauty mold. I had to google her curly icon Alex Kingston to see just what she considered to be kinky hair and although I disagree that her hair is what women of African  descent consider kinky, I can’t say what discrimination non-black women with curly hair have experienced.

What say you? Are all kinks created equally?


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