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Black Goddess Grains Face Scrub | D.I.Y

PhotoGrid_1449406554379Often times, the most beneficial and luxurious spa products are created using ingredients from the earth, crafted by mother nature herself!  More times than not, you can create these same products in the comfort of your own home! My Black Goddess Face Scrub messy, but has magical cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing powers that make clean up worth the effort!! Let’s get started!


What You Will Need:

  1. 1/2 tsp activated charcoal powder | Find this online or in a local herbal shop
  2. 1 tbsp cleansing grains | Recipe Here
  3. 1 tbsp hot water

Beauty Day: Featuring Homemade Herbal Black Tea

My Collection of Leaves and Roots
My Collection of Leaves and Roots

This summer, I have been experimenting with hair tea rinses! I’ve been using a variety of loose herbs to create teas, which traditionally I’ve done as a final rinse on clean hair. Recently,  I’ve been experimenting with different uses for the tea. So far, I’ve successfully used it as a remoisturizing spray, a final rinse, a pre-deep conditioning rinse, clay facial and finally, it’s one half of the liquid I use for my bentonite clay mix (I’ve listed my recipe below :)).

Beauty Day Sunday FAIL: Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Hair Porn! My camera captured my texture beautifully!

I was so excited to try a new protein deep conditioner recipe, but based on my experience I’ll chalk this one up as an epic fail!

I started my wash day a little later in the day yesterday due to my thrifting trip.

I began my routine by:

Pre-Poo’ing: I sectioned my hair and to each section, I sprayed water and oiled my scalp and strands while lightly finger detangling. I covered my head with a plastic bag and tee shirt, then let my hair marinate for an hour.

Vegetable Glycerin: Round Two


Do you use vegetable glycerin? Said to add moisture, it’s used in many hair and body products.

Recently, I decided to add vegetable glycerin to my moisturizing spray. Here were my thoughts:

Before I left, all I had time to do was re-moisturize my hair; I used a mixture of H2O, Aloe Vera Juice, a bit of Glycerin, and Rosemary, Orange, and Grapefruit EOs, which is a bit different then my usual re-moisturizing spray, which included Infusium 23 Leave-In conditioner. I will very likely continue to use this because after a week, my hair is STILL moisturized and feels like silk!

DIY: Flax Seed Gel for Natural Hair

Happy Fierce Friday!

Last week, I blogged about the benefits of flax seeds for the hair.  Being the DIY-er I am, I decided to try to make some for myself. When I was relaxed, I never used gel simply because I thought it made the hair hard, flaky, and would dry the hair out, which would eventually mean breakage, so I’ve never used gel for the most part. Since I’ve started my transitioning journey, as my hair has grown longer, my styling options have increased. I can do high buns, which are an easy go to protective style for me, however, my fine hair makes it difficult to achieve a sleek bun without the addition of styling aids to combat the fuzzies, as I call them :).

Infused Amla Herbal Oil Recipe

Hey Curls!

This year, I will continue my cycle of trying to use the most natural products possible, made right in my kitchen. As you all know, I love Amla oil and use it weekly for my pre-poo oil washes. I have had great success with it and have reaped the benefits since I’ve been actively using it. Today I was researching to see if there were any pure amla oil brands, as most of them are mineral or coconut (and in some cases sesame) oil based. I found that there is no pure amla oil, but the amla nut is infused into carrier oils, such as coconut, olive, caster, sesame oils, etc.  Oil infusions are great because you can get the benefits of spices and herbs by applying the oil to your hair! I found a good recipe, which combines Ayurvedic powders, dried herbs, and oils to create the ultimate conditioning oil! I will tweek this base recipe to fit my personal needs. Here is what Birraj of the Long Hair Care Community Forum used in the original recipe:

Beauty Day Sunday!


I hope all is well in CurlLand! I am doing my Sunday Beauty Day hair ritual! 🙂

Starting last night I:

  • Pre-Poo’d with my Alma Oil,  mixed with a bit of my Rosemary Olive Oil. After parting into 4 sections, I lightly sprayed water, oiled my scalp, and finally the hair strands.  I twisted and bobby pinned each section after it thoroughly coated.  I covered hair with a stocking cap and a scarf to protect my pillow from becoming stained from the oil.  I left this in over night and through this morning.

For the Kitchen Chemist in You!

Greeting Curlfriends!

I’ve mentioned several times my love for getting in the kitchen and experimenting! Though I love to cook, I’m not really talking about experimentation with food, but rather hair products!  I began by making different butters for my skin and hair. Most of the skin butters I’ve made can be also used for my hair, which is a deal in and of itself! I’ve created hair growth oils by infusing herbs and oils…Leave-Ins, conditioners and deep conditioners, and daily spritzes.  This is been uber rewarding financially as well.  Though I still purchase some ready made products, using raw ingredients has allowed me to stretch or add and extra ‘sumthin sumthin’ to the product! 😉

Natural Hair Essentials: Olive Oil

In our last ‘Natural Hair Essentials’ segment, I discussed Castor Oil. This week, I will be highlighting the wonders of Olive oil for the hair.

Prior to deciding to go natural, the only experience I’d had with Olive oil and hair was the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray. When I was relaxed, I used to spray it onto my scalp, as opposed to greasing my scalp, as well as sprayed to add sheen to my hair.   At 15 months into my transition, I incorporate Olive Oil into most every product I use.  Olive oil is a versatile product that can be used in cooking as well as skin and hair care maintenance.

Natural Hair Essentials: Castor Oil

I’ve decided to do a segment on oils that have been essential to my transition. Granted, I have not tried ALL oils, BUT I will share my personal experiences with the oils that I have used.

A favorite of mine has been castor oil.  As a child, I remember my mother using a castor oil grease in our hair.  I remember her saying it was good for the hair.  As an adult, and transitioner who maintains her own hair, I have been able to give reason to the claim that it was good for the hair, as well as see the benefits up close and personal!