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First Order of Business After the BIG CHOP: Henna

Jamila Henna, via

This Saturday, June 30 2012, I BIG CHOP!

I am beyond excited!

My first order of business is to actually get someone to cut off the remaining ends. Originally, my baby sister was going to visit me and do it for me, but that plan fell through. I spoke to one of my girlfriends and if she’s available, she will do it.

My other option is to ask my old stylist to do it for me; coincidently, she called me today…hrm…I just might throw some business her way 🙂

Is Protective Styling for Everyone?

Roll and Tuck Protective Styles

One of my go-to resources for natural hair talk is the black girl long hair site.
Today the topic of discussion was whether or not PS-ing worked for everyone.

What is Transitioning?

Transitioning: 20 Months

Two years ago, when I began transitioning, the definition of the word “transitioning” was completely different then what it’s grown to mean today.

Back then, transitioning was the process of growing one’s relaxer out, either for a short or long term. I chose the long term route; will be two years on June 30th.

Currently, I’ve seen it from many different perspectives. The filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa presented an Op-Doc on black women’s decision to embrace their naturally kinky hair, rather than use chemical straighteners for the NY Times. In this awesome short documentary, Zina big chops (BC) and shares the mental aftermath.

Beauty Day Sunday: 20 Days Until the BC

My Deep Conditioning Headwrap Disguise


It’s also been 2 weeks since my last wash. I have decided that since I will be traveling next Sunday to Kentucky, I am going to change my Beauty day next day week to Saturday ensure that I get my wash in before I leave.

Last night, I pre-pooed with alma oil, covered with a plastic bag, scarf and hit the hay!

June 4: Moisture “Mane”tenance Secrets


So far, the challenge has been awesome! Today, it’s all about moisture secrets! On wash days after a deep condition (with hair sectioned, of course), I usually apply:

1) Liquid leave in: I add the following to a spray bottle- aloe vera juice, water, olive oil & a bit of creamy conditioner.
2) Creamy LI: Add giovanni direct leave in, and
3) Seal with my Shea Butter cream mixture.
**Sealing Tip: Apply sealant (butter, cream, or oil) from the bottom up; this ensures the oldest, most fragile stands get more product**

June 1: Coily Beginnings

The topic of today is: Show us a pic of your TWA or pictures of your transition!

I have a plenty of those!

Enjoy! 🙂

Check out the Big Chop count down to the right! Super excited!


Last Month Transitioning: Natural Glam Hair Challenge


I found this challenge on instagram from @NaturalHairStyles101. She writes,

The purpose of this challenge is to spark conversation about all things natural hair…whether it’s impromptu product reviews, blog sharing, or my personal favorite–HAIRSTYLE PICS and TUTORIALS.

I think this will be an awesome challenge for my last month transitioning.

Daily, I will be posting here as well as on instagram. Tomorrow’s post will be, Coily Beginnings: Show us a pic of your TWA or pictures of your transition! 

I don’t have a TWA, but I do have transition pics! Super excited! Look out for daily updates 🙂