DIY: Silk Pillowcase

Thrifted Silk Scarf 33X33

All naturals know that a silk pillowcase is essential for your arsenal.


Your hair rubbing against the fabric of your pillowcase  (most likely cotton) throughout the night, dries your tresses and ultimately causes breakage.

The solution? Cover your pillows in silk!

This will also help preserve your sexy if you’re sick of the silk scarf, and are feeling froggy!

This weekend, I went to the Goodwill Boutique here in Winter Park, FL and purchased a few 100% silk scarves for $3.99 each,  that I planned to use to make silk pillow cases for friends.

Here’s the official DIY:


2 Silk Scarves 33″ X 33″ (or old silk sheets)

Scissors, Sewing Machine (or Needle and Thread), Ruler

1) Start by ironing the silk scarves.


Iron Scarves

Standard pillow case sizes are as follows:

Standard: 21 X 32

Queen: 21 X 36

King: 21X 42

I used my pillow as a guide to the size of the pillowcase

2) Using these measurements, cut your scarves. Your pillowcase label should list the size of the pillowcase; if this is the case, use your measurements as a guide to your pattern size. You may also find it useful to use a pillowcase you have at home as a guide as well. I’d make it about a half inch larger length and width wise (to account for the seam).




3) With the right sides of the scarves together, fold about 2-3″ of the top of each scarf (what will be the flaps of the pillowcases) downward (to the wrong side) and pin to secure both scarves.  You may find it helpful to iron down the flaps .

Pin Flaps down and iron for a clean edge

4) Begin sewing around the outskirts of the fabric. Be sure to only sew 3 sides and leave the opening for the pillow. Lastly, sew around the flap, ensuring to sew through the middle of the seams for a cleaner seam.

Sew using a sewing machine, or by hand

5) Turn pillowcase right-side out and insert pillow to ensure fit.


Silk Pillowcases!

These make great, inexpensive, handy gifts for any natural! sells one for $47.00. This cost me $8 for each pillow I constructed.

I also have some silk sheets which I’ve rarely used that I plan to use for pillowcases, since I left mine in a hotel in San Antonio. 🙁

Did you purchase your silk pillowcase, or make DIY it?

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