Weekend Project: How To Clean a Conch Shell

Conch Shell Before

When I was in the Bahamas, this conch shell was gifted to me by coconutdaddy1 (checkout how he acquires his coconuts). My knowledge of conch was mostly non-existent, except for the fact that here in FL, a lot of people eat variations of conch. I’d never tried it and when I found out conch was a slug, I had no desire to try it.

Upon receiving the shell, I was instructed to take it home and oil it. I waited two weeks to do something and by that time, the outer layer of the shell had hardened. I decided to tackle the project this weekend.

Check out this easy How-To:

Supplies: Bucket, Water, Bleach, Conch Shell, Oil
Warning: Bleach can make the shell brittle; consider substituting bleach for peroxide
Step 1: Immerse the shell in water for 30 minutes. This will help loosen  sand and debris from the shell

After 30 minutes, dispose of the water outside. Pouring down the drain may cause clogging

Step 2: Immerse shell in a solution of 1 part water, 1 part bleach. You may see bubbles as a result of the bleach.

 The bleach kills microscopic fauna and remove any smells that the shell might emit. It will also loosen barnacles and other attachments

After 2 hours of soaking, most of the ‘crud’ has come off.

I let my shell soak a bit longer because I wanted as much off as possible. I ended up letting it soak over night.

Step 4: Oil the shell to bring out it’s natural shine. You can add the oil using a cotton ball, or use your hands to distribute the oil over the shell.

If you notice, there are still some spots of sediment from the original outer layer of the shell. Those can be picked off using a tooth pick, tooth brush, wire brush, etc.

Conch Shell After

I am quite pleased with how things turned out. I’ve seen some pretty creative ways to use the conch; check them out and be inspired!

Create a Conch Centerpiece

Conch Shell House

Conch Shell Tie Back for Curtains

Conch Shell Lamp

Did you work on any projects this weekend?

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