6 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Had to re-up on groceries!

Yesterday I took a trip to the grocery store to re-fill my bare cupboards. I’m on a quest to eat as healthy as possible but I’m always on a budget so for me. Here are 6 ways I stay on budget and still eat healthy:

Fresh Basil and Rosemary 2/$4.
  1. Check out Sales at Local Grocery Stores: Though you may find it time consuming to forage through the sales ads, it’s worth it in the long run, as it saves you money. Plan all your menus around those items. I have Winn-Dixie and Publix local to me, so I check out each paper and compare the two to see where the better buy is.
  2. Make a Grocery List: This keeps us from buying things we don’t need…or impulse shopping. Stick to your list.
  3. Avoid Purchasing Pre-Made/Packaged Foods: These items cost you extra for the convenience. This includes pre-packaged fruits, grated cheeses, salads, mixed spices, and canned items. It’s much cheaper to stay away from these conveniences. Winn-Dixie has dried beans on sale this week for $1.00. One can of dried black beans can cost $1.00 and yield 2 servings (dinner and lunch for the next day), where a bag will yield several several more servings. Canned foods also tend to be high in sodium. If you prefer to purchase canned items, you can always rinse them off to lessen the sodium content.
  4. Buy In-Season Produce: Produce tastes better and saves the consumer money! Read More Here. If possible, try to eat seasonal produce that’s grown locally! Food to Plate is a great resource to find out what’s in season, by region. Another interesting idea would be to pick your own produce! Pick Your Own (dot) Org allows you to search in-season produce by region and even gives you listings of farms that allow you to pick your own produce!
  5. International Markets for Exotic Foods and Spices: If you’re like me and like to experiment with different types of seasonings but haven’t visited your local international market, you are definitely missing out! You’ll find items that are much more affordable than in your neighborhood grocer. Also depending on the item, it may not be available in your big box grocer.
  6. If Possible, Make it from Scratch: Making items from scratch can be time consuming but if you work it into your schedule it can make your life much easier. It’s also satisfying because I know exactly what’s going into my foods and by extension, my body. I love Pesto, but a few ounces would have cost $3.99 at both my local grocery stores. This week, Publix had BOGO on Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($5.99) so I picked up two bottles of that. Yesterday while perusing the produce isle (see #4), I noticed fresh herbs that were 2/$4.00. That’s a great price. Eventually I’d like to start my own balcony garden but this will do for now. I purchasedĀ  basil and rosemary plants and plan to make my own pesto this weekend! I can’t wait! I also have some sun-dried tomatoes that I plan to add as well. There are unlimited uses for fresh herbs!

Eating healthy is a long term investment; you’ll notice a change in the way you feel as well as in your hair and skin!

How do you eat healthy on a budget?

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