I Took My Afro: Back to My Roots

My baby sis!
Fierce Friday!

This Labor Day weekend was epic for me.  I got to go home (#DMV) and hang out w/ friends and family. I spent the weekend mostly with my sister who I haven’t seen in 9 or 10 years.

It’s interesting to see siblings grow up. I left home for school when she was 12 years old so it was fun watching her as a woman.

This is the first time I’ve been home since I BC’d so everyone was getting used to my new hair and they loved it! I wore my hair fro’d out the entire time. Before I left home, I installed 8 chunky flat twists and the next morning I took them out. I used the L.O.C Moisture Method, of course; my hair was soft and moist all weekend long. I’m realizing the L.O.C Method just may be working for me.

On Friday, my sister and I visited my best friend from 6th grade for her birthday get together at Rosa Mexicana at the National Harbor. It was great catching up on old times!

Left to Right: Moi, @KrissyPrissy, Michelle

Saturday was a doozy! After drinks with Sherrella, we headed to a cookout, that ended up getting rained out. I’m not one who to be deterred by rain (being natural and all ;)) so we headed to the Friday’s in Bowie, where a BFF from college met us.

Left to Right: Baby Sis, BFF from High School Sherrella, Moi

Side Note: I love Sherrella’s cut and color! So vibrant, just like her!

It’s funny how things change. For anyone thinking of visiting the Friday’s in Bowie, don’t! It’s a waste of time and the service is surly lacking! Even the management is weak.

My friend Derwin from college

After Friday’s we went to a spades party and didn’t get in til 5:30 am Sunday…haven’t stayed out that late in forever and I don’t forsee it in the near future either…

Sunday my sister and I had dinner with my dad and chilled out for the remainder of the day. I was super tired all day Sunday and had to leave on Monday. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time Monday at BWI; Southwest had an issue with the plane so we were grounded until it was resolved.  Southwest did give us travel vouchers, so I’ll be putting that voucher towards my next trip!

How Do You Get Back to Your Roots?

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