Beauty Day Sunday FAIL: Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Hair Porn! My camera captured my texture beautifully!

I was so excited to try a new protein deep conditioner recipe, but based on my experience I’ll chalk this one up as an epic fail!

I started my wash day a little later in the day yesterday due to my thrifting trip.

I began my routine by:

Pre-Poo’ing: I sectioned my hair and to each section, I sprayed water and oiled my scalp and strands while lightly finger detangling. I covered my head with a plastic bag and tee shirt, then let my hair marinate for an hour.

Co-Washing: Sulfate Free Cleanser Conditioner I’m really loving this product! I’ve been testing it out weekly all month. Next week I’ll give the full review.

Protein Deep Condition: Using the following Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner recipe, I DC’d my hair:

  1. 1 cup coconut milk
  2. 2 tbsp honey
  3. 1 Egg for protein
  4. 1 tbsp olive oil
  5. 2 tbsp aloe vera gel

After beating the egg, I added the coconut milk, honey, and olive oil. The consistency was rather watery and I wondered how I’d apply the mixture evenly to my hair. The last ingredient I added was the aloe vera gel. This made the mixture separate…it was not pretty. I stirred it hoping that things would work out but I couldn’t see how. I bent over the tub and poured the mixture through my hair. It was sorta disgusting but I figured what the heck! I rung my hair out so it wasn’t completely watery and covered my head with a plastic bag.

What do you do while you DC?

I let this mixture sit on my hair for 15 minutes and I rinsed it out. Though I could feel my curls ‘poppin’, my hair felt sort of hard…which is normal for a protein treatment, but I was worried since I had chunks of the mixture here and there in my hair. In an effort to remedy the hardness factor, I rinsed it out as much as possible and just added my ORS deep conditioner, hoping to salvage my hair. I covered again with a plastic bag and tee shirt for an hour while I made dinner and did other things around my house.

On the menu yesterday: Thai Salmon Curry over herbed cousous with Purple Cabbage

After my delicious dinner (not tooting my own horn, but the curry dish was scrumptious!), I washed out my deep conditioner and allowed it to dry under a towel for 15 minutes. As I was going through the sections to seal, I noticed that I had pieces of something in my hair.

Those pieces of “something” ended up being egg! EWWWW!

The red square highlights the leftover egg….

Don’t judge me but…I ended up not even rinsing my hair again! It was so late and I still had 30 minutes of twisting to do so I put off re-washing my hair until Monday after work…

I hope the Natural Hair gods forgive me!

French Rolled the back and gathered the hair at the crown for a high puff

This morning when I took down my twists, I tried to duplicate the style to the right (my impromptu thrifting updo) because it was cute and convenient. For work, I wanted it to be a bit less funky, and more professional so I planned to just take the puff and make it a bun…that didn’t work out too well so I just french rolled the entire head and with the left over hair, I sort of wrapped it back into the french roll. I’m not completely happy with the result; I figured I didn’t want to spend too much time trying to style something I’d have to wash as soon as I got home…so I let it be.

Today, I reattempt the style, with a bun this time!

Final thoughts on the DC:

I plan to try again, of course but I’m pretty sure I will never use raw egg again in my hair.

I didn’t like watery the consistency of the coconut milk DC. I plan to revisit coconut milk in the future but in a different way. I’m going to do more research. I’ve read it can always be used as a pre-poo so maybe I’ll try it as a water replacement in my pre-poo step.

Runs off to pick egg out of my hair…



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5 thoughts on “Beauty Day Sunday FAIL: Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner”

  1. Next time only use the EGG YOLK! The egg white doesn’t have the protein and turns into scrambled eggs as soon as it goes in! Hope you don’t give up on eggs in conditioners! I really appreciated this recipe! I tweaked myself and my hair came out pretty good! Thanks again!

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