Saving Our Strands | Elastic Bands 101

I’ve worn tons of styles since I’ve stopped relaxing my hair and allowed it to return to it’s natural state.  Elastic bands take center stage as the go to tool for many styles I’ve worn.

I just knew my puff was on point!
I just knew my puff was on point!

Who doesn’t love a big, bodacious, blinding puff? I know I do; the bigger the better! The style is convenient, simple, easy to achieve and can be worn without having to restyle on a daily basis.

Buns anyone? While transitioning, my bun was always singled out by the TSA to be checked for weapons of mass destruction.


Full High Bun

And the modified version of the classic bun, the cinna-bun

Back to Basics
Back to Basics
Simple and Charming Updo WK1
Simple and Charming Updo WK1

I’ve worn protective styles such as the Simple, Charming Updo borrowed from Naptural85, which is great for any occasion!  Each of these styles would not be possible without an elastic band.

Elastic bands are inexpensive, versatile, and easily attainable, which make them staples for many naturals. Finally, bands make great headbands (before they start to wear out)!

Exposed Rubber from and Elastic Band
Exposed Rubber from an Elastic Band

The downside to elastic bands is that overtime they will lose elasticity and/or may pop altogether, and more importantly cause unnecessary breakage. No bueno!

Check out these DOs and DON’Ts of elastic bands to save your strands.

When shopping for elastic bands, DON’T purchase those that have a noticeable seam. The heat-sealed seam can cause unnecessary breakage around the hairline. My favorite seamless bands are made by Goody and Scrunci.

DO immediately discard any elastic bands that have the rubber exposed.

DON’T wear the bands too tightly; to achieve a puff, usually wrapping the band twice is enough. In the past I’ve experienced headaches from tension caused by bands that were on too tight.

If wearing them as headbands, DON’T sleep in them! I’m all about edge retention! No need for unnecessary stress on the edges; give them a break when sleeping

DO keep a large stash of elastic bands of all colors, because you WILL need them 🙂

Make Your Own!

If you’re a DIY girl like myself, you can create your own ouchless, adjustable elastic bands!

I hope you find these DOs and DON’Ts helpful!



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