How To | Quick & Easy Natural Hair Style, 2 Ways

3WayStyleI love protective styling; it’s much more suited to my keep it simple, sista (KISS) lifestyle. Additionally, I believe it helps keep single strand knots at bay, as well as to retain length and moisture. For this week’s look, I modified and simplified my Roll and Tuck style, which I wore for most of my transition to natural hair. The pictorial above shows how I recycled a style for two different looks!

Directions for Look 1: This look resembles the half up, half down hair style

  1. Divide Hair into 3 Sections: One Section on either side of the head and a back section (Photos 1 & 2)
  2. On one side, begin to flat twist your hair and continue to twist until you’ve reached the end of the hair (Photos 3 & 4)
  3. Flat Twist the other section in the same manner (Photo 5)
  4. For the back, crisscross the right and left twists and pin each twist securely using bobby pins. You may need more! (Photo 6 & 7)
  5. Done! To preserve this style, you can add two large twists to the back section and cover with a silk scarf. Untwist and fluff in the morning

Directions for Look 2: A variation of the Tuck and Roll style

    1. Follow directions (or photos 1-6)
    2. Lightly tug on the ends of the back section to stretch the hair (Photo 7)
    3. Roll and Tuck Right and left sides ; be sure to tuck the hair inside the crisscrossed twists. Pin to Secure (Photos 8 & 9)

Done! Protective Styling for the Win! To preserve this style, sleep with a silk scarf

I’ve worn theses style consistently with success, due to the ease and short amount of time it takes to achieve the style! My usual MO is to wear PS through Thursday and let the fro out for the weekend. This style, both elegant and professional, can be worn to a number of events and is easy to maintain! Feel free to give it a try!

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