My Jamaican Black Castor Oil Experience

After hearing so many great things about caster oil in general, and loving the regular castor oil, I decided to give Jamaican Black Castor Oil a chance; after all, the Caribbean ladies rave about it. I found it in the local beauty supply store, however, it is also widely available on amazon and other online retailers.
For 4 ounces, I paid $7.99 + tx.
I was so excited about using this product! When I got home, I prepared for my normal wash routine, planning to use the JBCO for scalp massages. I washed, DC’d, set and styled my hair. I massaged a bit on my scalp and had to hold my nose at the smell! Now, I’d previously read a lot about it prior to making a purchase, (as a recovering Product Junkie), but I was still taken aback by the smell. I’d read that the smell fades, so I didn’t sweat it. The next day I woke up and the smell was still strong! I’m not exactly heavy handed with products either. I went to work hoping the smell would fade as the day went and hoping no one at work would be close enough to smell my hair.
So, I’m in the lab working with a co-worker and he’s like, “Do you smell BBQ” and I can hear him sniffing! I was dying with laughter, on the inside! I knew it was me who smelled like a BBQ rib. Though the smell had somewhat faded by the next day, I was still turned off.
PROS: Same as regular CO, CONS: Smell, The brand I used was cut with Vitamin E and Panthenol so it wasn’t 100% pure JBCO, which I may try in the future VERDICT: I do not use JBCO alone; I add it to pre-poos or cheapy conditioners for it’s benefits.

Just to mention, Sunny Isle offers a Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Here is what Angie of AngieNaturally Blogspot had to say about it:
“being the sensual person that I am immediately opened the bottle to smell it, expecting a lovely lavender aroma….oh my! Lets just say it is definitely an acquired scent. It smells burnt and has been likened to stale cigarettes by other Hairlistas.”

Have you tried JBCO? Share you experiences!

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3 thoughts on “My Jamaican Black Castor Oil Experience”

  1. OMG! “…do you smell BBQ…” that was funny…:-) thanks for your honest review. Though I haven’t tried the much raved about JBCO yet, I will keep this review in mind if I ever get it, and only use it on a friday night since I know I won’t be going out till the coming monday…

  2. I bought that same kind from my beauty supply. My boyfriend HATES the smell of it but it works SOOO good on my hair & my hair has grown so much already. Next I’m gonna try the lavender scent Jamaican castor oil. Good luck ladies!!

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