Natural Hair Essentials: Rosemary

Rosemary A.K.A Rosmarinus Officinalis

Rosemary has been used extensively since ancient times by many cultures, for various reasons including food enhancement, aromatherapy, health and medicinal purposes, religious and wedding ceremonies, as well as in cosmetics.

Fun Facts About Rosemary:

  • It is known as one of the “brain herbs” because it stimulates mental activity.
  • Archeologists have uncovered pieces of the rosemary plant in ancient Egyptian graves where it was apparently used as incense
  • In modern times rosemary is used by herbalists to assist with illness related to the gall bladder and the liver.
  • A little vial of rosemary oil that is inhaled when your brain is tired will help to increase concentration and eliminate boredom.
  • Make a spray of water and oil.  Spray the oil throughout a room to remove stale room odors and add energy to your environment.
  • Rosemary can also be used in the bath, on the face and as a body or scalp massage


Rosemary Leaf in the Powder form
Rosemary Leaf in the Powder form

Prior to going natural, I used rosemary only for cooking, as it adds a unique taste and I love the aroma! Once I began to transition to natural hair, I started to research ingredients that would be beneficial to my hair; everyone raved about rosemary, so I figured I’d give it a try! My first purchase of rosemary was in the liquid extract form and I added a few drops to my conditioners or oils. From that point, I purchased a plant with hopes of making rosemary oil at home; unfortunately due to my frequent travels last year, I was unable to properly care for the plant and it passed away to that big lawn in the sky. Most recently, I purchased the powdered form of the rosemary leaf and created an herbal oil infusion using rosemary powder and a few other powders.

On Beauty Day Sunday, I dedicate most of my day to pampering my hair. Occasionally I’ll do my nails or a facial, but it’s mostly reserved for hair. I begin each Beauty Day with a Pre-Poo Oil Wash. Though I normally use amla oil, this time due to not having the oil around, I decided to use my own newly created oil. It worked out wonderfully! I’ll be posting a video of the oil recipe as well as my Pre-Poo method by this weekend.

My hair benefits from rosemary in the following ways:

  • Stimulate hair follicles, resulting in hair growth
  • Helpful in clearing many cases of dandruff and other scalp conditions
  • Slow down or even permanently hold off premature hair loss and gray hair

Rosemary will remain in my arsenal forever and I hope to continue to reap it’s benefits!

Do You Use Rosemary for it’s Hair Benefits?


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  1. I want to use rosemary powder as a deep conditioning growth treatment. I read that sea kelp powder is great! Knowing the great growth benefits of rosemary I thought why not give it a try right? I can’t wait to test it out! I really enjoy my black tea rinses with a dose of rosemary oil! Great post BTW! 🙂

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