Scarves: Beauty All Year Long

I have 38 scarves of varying sizes, fabrics, colors, and designs.

Happy Tuesday, Curls!

Welcome back to the work week (for those of us who were able to have MLK off).

I decided to do a post about my scarf collections. So many women, natural, relaxed, and transitioning wear them, and since I have a scarf addiction I decided to share my collection with you! I have a total of 38 scarves. I have built my collection by picking up scarves from thrift stores, yard and estate sales, bought a few, and was gifted a few.

Use a scarf to jazz up an old Braid/Twist-N-Curl

When people think of scarves, most think of knit scarves worn in the winter. I live in Orlando, and the temperature drops every now and again during the winter months. I use that opportunity to beak out the knit scarves. During the rest of the year, I use scarves to accentuate my look by adding color or a design to a very basic outfit, I also use them as shawls, turbans (I’ve not mastered the turban wraps to a tee yet, but I am working on it), use them to as hip scarves when I dance, as protective styling aids, add them to a wool hat to protect the hair from snagging on the wool, as a belt, etc…the uses of scarves is endless. You can also go to your favorite fabric store and purchase 3 yards of your favorite fabric to use as a turban or to wrap around your body for extra feminine flair!

June Ambrose is the Queen of Turbans! Check out her Turban Tutorial from You can also check out YouTube videos for exciting turban styles.

Check out my collection!

Do you have a scarf collection?


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