Vintage Afro Hair Styles

I was amazed to find these beautiful vintage hair styles, sported by women with afro textured hair, through different time periods!

Portrait of two women clothed in various kangas and fine jewelry. Madagascar, circa 1890: This reminds me of a chunky twist out!


Pam Grier–Classic Bun
Christian women with their children, in Cameroon. circa 1920/ 1940


Diana Fletcher (1838?-?) Seminole/African/Kiowa heritage: Braids
Angela Davis: Classic Afro


Alberto Henschel, Foto de negra com turbante, Brazil, ca. 1870. Source Coleção Gilberto Ferrez Acervo Instituto Moreira Salles: Turban
Swahili women, hair dressing, Zanzibar, 1908 : Cornrows
A Beautiful Pin-Up
Protective Styling was definitely “in”!
Hulu Dandies, Vintage Afro Hairstyles Porta de Tierra. San Juan Puerto Rico: Vintage High Top Fade

Natural Hair has been fly since the beginning of time!




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