Beauty Day Redux: Finding a New Routine


Yesterday was Beauty Day. Since I BC‘d, I’ve been trying to edit my old hair routine. Initially I tried the “go with what you know” method on my fully natural hair, but it wasn’t working simply because my hair completely lacked moisture after sealing. I am uncertain as to whether or not it is the method (liquid leave-in, creamy leave-in, and butter to seal) that isn’t working or the products (modified kimmaytube leave-in, giovanni direct leave-in, and homemade shea butter cream) I was using. At any rate, I’ve decided to start from scratch and try again.

Curly Hair Conditioner: Found this at Ross $4.99 for a 32oz bottle


  • Aztec Indian Clay (AIC) Wash–This seems to still be working for me. I use the same recipe, except I’ve modified the cheapy conditioner I use in the recipe.  Pictured to the left, is a conditioner I found at Ross for $4.99.  I apply the AIC mix to my hair after I’ve done my oil wash, cover with a plastic cap, let it sit for at least 30 minutes and rinse.  My hair felt so moisturized that I didn’t even follow up with a deep condition…which I normally do weekly. I was afraid that my hair would feel dry this morning, but surprisingly it’s not.  Either this means that I don’t need to deep condition weekly OR maybe I don’t need to DC after the AIC. We’ll see in two weeks!

The AIC wash is excellent for removing impurities from the hair and scalp as well as a great detangler and moisturizer. Highly Recommended!


  • Apply diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to my scalp–I love ACV (with the mother, of course) in general, but I especially love that I can use it in my hair as a final rinse or on my scalp (diluted w/ water of course) as a cleansing agent. In the future, I plan to infuse my ACV with herbs.

ACV has a multitude of uses, including hair and beauty, home remedies, and cooking.

  • Deep Condition (DC)–I have always used Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Deep Penetrating Conditioner with a few goodies I add from my kitchen. I will continue to use this deep conditioner because I love it and it still works! In the past, I’ve done this after each wash (weekly); however, after yesterday’s wash, I discovered I didn’t need to deep condition, so maybe I can scale that back to twice a month. If my hair screams at me for the change by the end of the month, I will reincorporate the weekly DCs.


  • Oil Wash (AKA Pre-Poo Method)–I’ve used Amla Oil (sometimes I mix it with coconut oil to stretch the oil) as an oil wash during my transition and it continues to work for me now that I’m fully natural. Though I do not use shampoo, if you do, a pre-shampoo oil treatment will prevent your hair from being overly cleansed and having  that “squeaky clean” feeling. I use the oil to also help finger detangle my hair prior to my co-wash. Oil Washing gives my hair great shine and since I’ve been using the amla oil as my agent, it’s darkened my hair as well.

Here’s my method for oil rinsing:

  1. Section hair: I usually have 4
  2. To each section, lightly spray with water (the water helps the oil bind to the hair) and add oil of choice to the scalp and strands liberally. Massage each section for 30 seconds (this will get the blood flowing in your scalp)
  3. Cover with plastic cap and allow to sit for at least an hour…I’ve even done it overnight.
  4. Proceed with the next steps in your routine.
  • Co-Wash (AKA No-Poo Method)–I co-washed for at least 1.5 years of my transition and now that I’m fully natural, I’ve continued to co-wash. My friend who’s been natural for years has the softest hair and I asked her how she does it. According to her, her simple routine consists of co-washing daily, which is how she maintains her soft strands. While I can’t commit to co-washing daily, I can do it once a week, or if I’m feeling up to it, twice a week. Co-washing will help to hydrate your scalp and help to keep your hair soft and moisturized (this was very important during my transition! It was one of the things which helped my hair not to snap off at the line of demarcation!).

If you only co-wash, you may want to use a clarifying/cleansing conditioner to clean all of the leftover product build up from your scalp

Co-wash Product List:

  1. Hello Hydration–Historically I’ve used this line and I like it because it adds a great smell when I add to my clay mix and also great slip when I used it as a detangler
  2. V05 Clarifying Tea Conditioner–Great for clarifying and detangling
  3. Currently I am using the Lisa Rachel Sulfate Free Conditioner & Cleanser for Curly Hair, which purports to be like the WEN product. I’ll be using it all month to determine how it affects my hair. One thing I have noticed is that I don’t care for the smell. To remedy this, I added essential oils.
  4. ANY cheapy conditioner! I use them mainly to detangle or add softness and moisture to my hair. My only rule is that it must be THICK!
Final Twists and OOTD

Sealing– This is a must for me. I’m finding that my hair, especially the ends are very dry and the old method may not be working. I am going to experiment with the LOC method (L-Liquid, O-Oil, C-Cream) this month, using the same products, to see if my old method is the problem. If I find that my hair is still having dryness issues, then I’ll change up my products and see if there’s a difference.

This is trial and error month!

Again, IDK if it’s the products or the method. A while ago, a friend recommended I try Cantu Shea Butter.  I know Meechy Monroe lives by it when doing her twistouts, so in the quest to find products that gave me a more uniform look when doing twistouts, I picked up a jar (Walgreens $3.99). Although I’ve been happy with the fact that my twistsouts have been more defined and last longer, I haven’t achieved the softness factor which I believe may be due to the fact that I don’t use a lot of it. I don’t want to be heavy handed with products so I try to keep it to dime sized amounts…I may have to take it up to nickel sized amounts and see if that makes a difference.

The final step on Beauty Day is to twist my hair (after sealing) in order to stretch it. In the morning, I take down my hair using a light oil (coconut oil). I then fluff my hair to hide any parts. If I am going to leave my hair out (which is what I did for the last month) that’s the end of my routine. If I am going to protective style for the week, which I plan to get back into, I figure out how I’m going to wear my hair for the week and style. I have been so excited about being fully natural that I abandoned protective styling for the first month. Additionally, due to my length, I was unable to create the of the styles that I used to do. So we’ll see.

Have you changed your hair routine lately?



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4 thoughts on “Beauty Day Redux: Finding a New Routine”

  1. Hey Lillian,

    I found your blog through BGLH. I’m super excited for your hair journey, and the fact that you’re learning about what works for your hair!

    I have been natural for about 3 years now, and I find that as my hair grows longer, I need to tweak my routine. I’m trying to simplify it so that it takes less time to do. I still keep it simple though: moisturize every other day (when I’m not being lazy), pre-poo and wash every 2 weeks, and retwist.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us!


    1. Hi Bernadette!

      I’m a keep it simple girl myself, so I’m not looking forward to the time I’ll have to put in to figure out what works and what doesn’t, but I am looking forward to having a beautiful, healthy set of curls like yours 😉

      Thanks for visiting my site and checking out my journey 🙂

  2. Hey girl, how are you doing with the moisture now? I know that some naturals say that the LOC method doesn’t work for them but like you are doing, I think it’s best to try different products (oils and creams).

    I’m actually working on an article on the topic 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle!

      I’ve only put the LOC method into practice two days ago. Initially, I felt it was too greasy for me but today my hair is moisturized! I am going to do a co-wash tonight and implement the LOC method alone to see how long the moisture lasts.
      I can’t wait to read your next article!
      Thanks for visiting!

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