Lisa Rachel Conditioner & Cleanser for Curly Hair: Update

This product leaves my hair soft and moisturized!

The Lisa Rachel Conditioner & Cleanser for Curly Hair is still in the rotation! I’ve been trying out this product weekly during the month of August.

I used it here as a wash-n-go after the beach. In the following 2 weeks, I’ve used it on beauty day to co-wash my hair, and most recently after a failed coconut protein deep condition, I used it to wash left over egg out of my hair. Thus far, it has done for me what it claims to do.

Thus far, I’m loving this product because:

  • My scalp feels clean (I get that tingly feeling after I’ve used it)
  • My hair feels soft like velvet! (Of course I still take the time to moisturize and seal my strands!)
  • The product is inexpensive; I recently purchased 2 more bottles from Ross at $4.99

Here’s a dose of hair porn, courteous of Lisa Rachel!

I followed up by sealing, using the L.O.C Method.

L: My liquid leave inO: Castor/Coconut Oil, C: Cantu Shea Butter

Notice I switched up my cream this week from pure shea butter to Cantu Shea Butter, which is a water based conditioner. One of the rules of using the LOC method is that the cream should be not be water-based. I tried using pure shea butter for a week and I didn’t reap any of the moisture benefits, so I switched to the Cantu for this week to see how that works out.

One thing I’m seeing first hand is that all natural heads are not created equally!

Are there any “natural hair” rules that do not apply to your hair?

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