My Hair Tragedy | 3+ Hair Colors in One Week

I was recently asked:

Have you ever had a hair tragedy? What was it? How did you recover from it?

FirstColor_collageI had a hair tragedy earlier this year; in a span of 5 days, I had streaks, and about 5 different demi-permanent colors.  In July, I was on a trip to my home town and decided to get my hair colored by my sister’s stylist. Her color always looks great so I trusted that I’d have good luck too. I was so excited! I explained that I wanted something in the bronze, gold family and that I wanted something subtle; I ended up with the complete opposite. By the time she finished my streaks, and added a few other colors for dimension, I was not happy. When I got home and saw my hair in better light, I was mortified. I had orange and blond streaks! I immediately contacted her and expressed that I needed her to re-do my hair. I explained that I work in a professional office and I could not go to work with my hair in its current condition. She was very accommodating and the next morning she came in and put a rinse over the colors that I had.

I was definitely having regrets!

It turned out to be entirely too bright, but did not look much different than the previous day. In fact, after seeing pictures from “day 1 hair” I was longing for the previous color! I looked like a midlife crisis had exploded on my head. When I arrived back in Orlando, I called a stylist here and explained the situation to her; luckily she could fit me in, but I had to go to work with my tragic hair. When my boss saw me, she said, “Your hair, it’s orange“. I explained that it wasn’t what I requested, but what I ended up with. The following afternoon, I got a dark brown color on top of the orange hair, which toned the brightness down significantly.

Here is my hair after the temporary dark brown color has started to wear off. I’m actually liking the color.

Textured Bun
Textured Bun

For me, this trip to the salon was a tragic situation because ultimately, I received a beautiful color job but not the color I requested, or was expecting. I wanted to be sure to mention that the color I received was a beautiful color; it just didn’t work for me.  Also, I have no doubt that the hair stylist who did my hair is talented; she did a great job executing the streaks themselves.  I can’t say enough about how impressed I was with the ambiance of her shop.  I felt like I was in my living room having a personal visit from my hair dresser.

The last thing I’d like to mention is the pricing.  I believe in a merchant’s right to charge whatever price they deem fair for their services. As a customer, I believe in voting with my wallet! That being said, a color and style were $140; $70 per service.  When I inquired about what a style consisted of, she mentioned a twist or braid out, up-do, or anything that can be fashioned into a hairstyle. Ultimately, I left with my hair blown out, which is not a style 😉

Do you have a hair tragedy story?

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