Natural Hair Milestone: The Pompadour & Low Pony Hairstyle

I finally was able to achieve a low pony!

Happy Friday!

This week, I tried to avoid wearing my fro’ out.  Since I BC’d, I’ve been wearing my hair out constantly, which is completely unlike me. As a transitioner, I was an avid protective styler.  I realize that less handling of my hair will yield healthier hair so I’m trying to re-create some styles I wore during my transition on my fully natural hair.  Some styles I’ve not been able to re-create because my hair is shorter than it was during my transition. At any rate, I’m trying styles that are both professional (for work), funky (after work), and still fall into the category of protective styling.

This style was created on hair that been co-washed using a Conditioner & Cleanser the previous day. The hair was moisturized using the L.O.C method, and I added a bit of olive oil eco styler gel for hold.

To create this style, I created two sections; one in the back and one at the top of my head. I then gathered the back section as low as possible and used an ouchless headband to secure the hair. Finally, I gathered the front section and flat twisted it to the side. I then grabbed the twist and tucked it into itself to create the pompadour. Voila!

I’m learning that my hair has to be wet in order for it to fit into any type of ponytail; a ponytail of any kind is futile on dry hair!

Have you learned anything new about your hair?

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