Rethinking Moisturizing Methods

Untwisted Hair After Loc Method

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about having to switch up my old method to moisturize my fully natural hair. My old method leaves my hair feeling dry; as we all know dry hair can lead to breakage, and I’m too early in the natural game to let that happen!

I began researching other methods to retain moisture.

My old method included using a liquid leave in, a creamy leave in, followed by a butter to seal. Worked like a charm while I was transitioning! I am unsure if it is the method or products being used that is causing the dryness. As I set out to find a solution to my hair problem, I came across another method of moisturizing:

The L.O.C (liquid, oil, cream) Method. This method is said to leave your hair moisturized for up to 4-5 days without having to re-moisturize. The purpose is for each layer to seal the layer before it, (the oil seals in the liquid and the cream seals in the oil).

LLiquid (leave in conditioner or water)

OOil (use oil of choice)

CCream (something that is not water based, like pure shea butter)

Results: Hair has sheen, but I am still trying to capture the “softness” factor.

I’ll be posting a video of how I apply the LOC method as my sealant tonight!

Stay Tuned!

 Have you had success with the L.O.C. method?

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2 thoughts on “Rethinking Moisturizing Methods”

  1. hey this is so coincidental! I wrote a post just a couple days ago called Natural Hair: When the LOC Method Seems to Fail

    I agree the method works. I think ppl just need to try different oils and creams to discover what works best for their hair.

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