Did the Surgeon General get it wrong?

Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times believes so! Earlier in the week, I posted an article where the Surgeon General, Regina M. Benjamin, attributed the lack of exercise among black women to them being more concerned with protecting their hairstyles. Mitchell says “that some of it has do with socialization, while for others it boils down to economics”.

Check out The Root for the rest of the story.

Interesting…Actually, both women could be right. I’ve seen women not want to work out because they’ve spent too much money on their hair and don’t want to sweat it out…or they think sweating is ‘icky’ or they feel they don’t have time or money for it. Some of my women friends feel their body is naturally tight, and they don’t need to work out. Personally, I like the fact that working out allows me to maintain my shape. Not only that but it’s healthy! One does not need to have a gym membership, in order to stay fit! Walking is free! If you don’t feel you have time, get up 30 minutes to an hour earlier or stay up later and take a power walk…or even a stroll. You can get a bike from a thrift store for $10.  Be proactive; your body and mind will thank you.

What are you low-cost workout alternatives?



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