Ode to the BIG CURLY FRO!


I love the Fro in general! It’s a beautiful halo that naturally adorns your head! You can pick it, spike it, mold it, shape it, and even curl it!  After your crown is perfect, accessorize it!

Enjoy the afrolicious eye candy!

I wondered how many people are so into ‘fros that they write about them…whaddya know!  People write poems about their love for their BAA (Big A$s Afro)!

My Afro Poem

I have an afro.

To Black people: Yes, I comb it.
To White people: No, you can’t touch it
To South Asian People: It’s naturally like this
To Queer People: Yes, I know I’m a diva *2 snaps*.
To unassuming city dwelling hipster cum writer for the daily newspaper: No, the fro doesn’t mean that I’m a f*cking aspiring urban (read “rap”) artist.

I just have an afro.

–Shuttabug, www.urbansnapshot.blogspot.com

I found a great poem called Little Spiky Afro, by SmartAleks19. Here’s an excerpt:


Little spiky afro, the crown on her head
Against the pillow, laying in bed
Listing to the loving whispers I have said

Little spiky afro, dancing on my mental beams
Dripping and sliding between the seams
The only woman in my dreams

I am not the poetic type, but I know poetry when I see it!  I think it’s a great skill to be able to write in such a way as to give the reader a perfect mental picture of an idea.

Have you written an “Ode” to your hair?

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