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A Picture Says A Thousand Words!

I love this!

My posts have been a bit sparse for the past two weeks because I’ve been on travel. This morning in class, one of my students gave me this picture he drew of me.  He captured my curls perfectly! My heart was, as still is, very full because of this. He’s an amazing artist and I really appreciate the thought! He explained that the quote, “Somebody Loves You Girl” is a line from the Delfonics song Somebody Loves You.

When he blows up, I’ll have a J. Galvez original hung on my wall!

Weekend Project: How To Clean a Conch Shell

Conch Shell Before

When I was in the Bahamas, this conch shell was gifted to me by coconutdaddy1 (checkout how he acquires his coconuts). My knowledge of conch was mostly non-existent, except for the fact that here in FL, a lot of people eat variations of conch. I’d never tried it and when I found out conch was a slug, I had no desire to try it.

Upon receiving the shell, I was instructed to take it home and oil it. I waited two weeks to do something and by that time, the outer layer of the shell had hardened. I decided to tackle the project this weekend.