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You are such a Doll, Curlfriend!!

(via vogue.it)

Happy Friday Ladies!

A post over at KisforKinky got me to thinking about dolls from my childhood. Crazy right? Her original post was about grown women who want to adopt Barbie’s plastic personna (a certain Ms. Menage comes to mind). Growing up, I maybe had one or two blond Barbies. I was more so in to baby dolls, rather than barbie.  My mother only bought me Black dolls.  My father’s mother bought me a blond haired, blue eyed baby doll for Christmas one year,  at the time I loved it, but she was no more special than the Barbie I shunned.  Another Christmas, I received a brown faced Baby Alive doll with the same hair as blond babies, expect that this doll’s hair was short, curly and jet black.  She was my pride and joy. The last dolls I remember having was the Kenya doll.  Did anyone else have one?