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Another Hair Typing Chart…

As you know, everyone has a way to classify hair; whether it be Oprah’s stylist Andre Walker or others who created charts inspired by Andre’s chart, everyone seems to have a take on it!  Though I recognize that my hair would fall into the ‘4’ category, I don’t rely on those charts. There are so many factors when deciding how to care for your hair and even though you may share a hair type with another, their techniques and products might now work for you. For the most part, I really like this common sense chart; it gives simple suggestions for techniques based on strand texture and thickness, which I find matters the most. I find that  knowing porosity and density  helped me find what my hair needs were and what products would best assist in maintaining it. This chart gives tips for fine, combination, and course hair types, regarding a sealant, moisturizers, detangling, heat application, and hair styles.

Porosity, Density, Elasticity Tests

Porosity:  Determines how your hair absorbs water. Knowing hair porosity will allow you to assess how healthy the cuticle of your hair strand is. Use this knowledge to help decide what products would be best for your hair.

  • Test Your Porosity:
  1. On freshly washed clean hair (without product), gather one strand of hair
  2. Place it into a bowl of water
  3. Observe the hair for up to one minute to see if it floats. Hair should not sink. If it does, the hair is porous.