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Tutorial: Son of a Bleach Jeans | DIY

BJ12Do you love the trendy studded/distressed/bleached designer jeans, but hate the price attached? Do you have jeans in need of an update? If any of these scenarios apply to you, check out this tutorial! This project is cost effective, while adding fashion value to your wardrobe!


  1. Jeans or Jean Shorts: I’m all about reusing what I have so for me, old or thrifted jeans (which can be found for $5 or less at Goodwill) are used in this tutorial.
  2. Yarn or rubber bands:Depending on how you will disperse your bleach or fabric paint, this tool may vary.  Check out some options listed below

More than Hair – Central Florida Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

FlyerHello Beautiful!

I am so excited to be apart of this year’s Central Florida Natural Hair and Beauty Expo! Not only will I be covering the event here on my blog, but I’ll also be walking the runway for the Natural Hair Fashion Show.  The flyer includes all of the details and ticket information; whether you purchase your ticket before the event or at the door, I look forward to seeing you there!

Also, if you are in Orlando and would like to be alerted to upcoming meet-up events, become a member of the Central Florida Curls & Conversation meet-up group! It’s a great way to interact with other naturals in the central Florida area!

Journey to Natural: Then & Now

Today is Oct 31, 2012 and after a 2 year transition (June 2010-June 2012), I am now 28 months post relaxer and 4 months post big chop (BC). I decided to reflect on my journey thus far and think about my hair goals for the future.

Recently, I did a length check:

Stretched Hair: 4 Months Post BC

When I was transitioning, one of my favorite protective styles was the big high bun. 

21 Months Transitioning: March 2012
Close Up

 Recently I was able to replicate the style on my fully natural hair.