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Fierce Friday Gratuitous Post | Razor Burn, Oil Infusion, Roller Set

Happy Friday! In honor of Fridays, I’ve decided to do totally unnecessary posts that essentially are a wrap up of my week! Let’s go!

PhotoGrid_1401985526333I started out my week by trying for 4 days to contact my barber, with no luck. I was in a crunch and I really wanted to look polished so against my best judgement I went to another barber. *Hangs Head in Shame* Long story short, I’ll be more explicit in another post but after being unsatisfied with the job the barber did, I went and allowed my barber to fix her error. I ended up with a severe case of razor burn.

DIY: Flax Seed Gel for Natural Hair

Happy Fierce Friday!

Last week, I blogged about the benefits of flax seeds for the hair.  Being the DIY-er I am, I decided to try to make some for myself. When I was relaxed, I never used gel simply because I thought it made the hair hard, flaky, and would dry the hair out, which would eventually mean breakage, so I’ve never used gel for the most part. Since I’ve started my transitioning journey, as my hair has grown longer, my styling options have increased. I can do high buns, which are an easy go to protective style for me, however, my fine hair makes it difficult to achieve a sleek bun without the addition of styling aids to combat the fuzzies, as I call them :).

Flax Seed for Natural Hair

Beveri Brand Flax Seeds

Have you heard of Flax seed? One day I was at an event and I saw an older woman with the most beautiful, clear, smooth brown skin I'd ever seen.  I couldn't help but stare. When the event ended, I mentioned to her how beautiful I thought her skin was and asked what her secret was. She plainly stated, "Flax Seed". She said she took flax seed pills daily. She sighted that she took them in place of fish oil pills, and that it was how she got her omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. Prior to that, I'd never heard of flax seed, but I was familiar with the benefits of fish oils and have been taking cod liver oil most of my life. I decided to take her word, do some research, and eventually purchased my own.