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I Have Discovered the Banana Clip: Me Likey!

The Banana Clip

Happy Fierce Friday!

I am super excited to report that I was finally able to successfully use the banana clip I bought nearly 2 years ago, for the first time today! 🙂

Back in my product junkie days, I was also an accessory junkie! I went out and purchased the goodie banana clip, copious amounts of ouchless headbands in every color and design imaginable (most have been stretched out to the max by now), decorative bobby pins, decorative headbands, silk flowers to make headbands and hair pins…the works!

How can I get a Goddess Comb?


Step 1: Tell me a bit about yourself! Since this piece is being made for you, I’d like a few tidbits about you…This will help when your bead are selected! This information could mirror the following:

Goddess #1: I love earth tones and sterling silver!

Goddess #2: I am a fire sign who loves bold colors!

Goddess #3: I’ll take anything in blue and gold!

How easy was that!

Step 2: A piece is especially made for you!

Step 3: Upon receipt of payment, your piece will be mailed expeditiously!