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June 1: Coily Beginnings

The topic of today is: Show us a pic of your TWA or pictures of your transition!

I have a plenty of those!

Enjoy! 🙂

Check out the Big Chop count down to the right! Super excited!


Last Month Transitioning: Natural Glam Hair Challenge


I found this challenge on instagram from @NaturalHairStyles101. She writes,

The purpose of this challenge is to spark conversation about all things natural hair…whether it’s impromptu product reviews, blog sharing, or my personal favorite–HAIRSTYLE PICS and TUTORIALS.

I think this will be an awesome challenge for my last month transitioning.

Daily, I will be posting here as well as on instagram. Tomorrow’s post will be, Coily Beginnings: Show us a pic of your TWA or pictures of your transition! 

I don’t have a TWA, but I do have transition pics! Super excited! Look out for daily updates 🙂