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Funny Hair Petting GIF


Look at how disgusted he is by the very notion that she could touch his hair too without permission

Pay close attention folks.

VERY close attention folks.

This is the nature of everyone else vs. black people’s hair summed up in two gifs.

You touch ours willy-fucking nilly but are repulsed when someone DARES to invade your precious boundaries. I see you double standard, I fucking see you.

Fairy, One Strand, Peppercorn, Pixie, Single Strand Knots…Oh My!

No matter how you refer to or identify them, they are a nuisance!

The bane of my natural hair existence!
SSK: Close Up

This week in my updates post, I mentioned that I’ve been battling Single Strand Knots. Today I found an excellent article on 10 Tips for Preventing SSKs, by Mane and Chic.

I hope there is a tip you can to arm you in epic this battle!

Happy Hump Day!