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Night Time, Is the Right Time to Moisturize and Seal!

The Morning After the Night Time Routine
The Morning After the Night Time Routine

Right before bed each night, I take the time to moisturize and seal my hair. It’s a really simple process that takes me less than 15 minutes and my hair is eternally grateful!

        1. No more crunchy dry hair in the morning, just soft touchable hair that lasts throughout the day!
        2. My hair has been significantly less tangled (which means a reduction in single strand knots, thank the Lord!)

          Back View
          Back View
        3. My hair has more volume in the morning, which I love! The bigger the better!

My Method:

Porosity, Density, Elasticity Tests

Porosity:  Determines how your hair absorbs water. Knowing hair porosity will allow you to assess how healthy the cuticle of your hair strand is. Use this knowledge to help decide what products would be best for your hair.

  • Test Your Porosity:
  1. On freshly washed clean hair (without product), gather one strand of hair
  2. Place it into a bowl of water
  3. Observe the hair for up to one minute to see if it floats. Hair should not sink. If it does, the hair is porous.