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2013 Hair Resolutions!

First Wash Day 2013! Naked Fro
First Wash Day 2013! Naked Fro

Happy New Year Curl Friends! Welcome to 2013!

As with every new year, my personal resolution is to become better; smarter, more kind, more tolerant, patient, and to love better.

This is the beginning of my first year fully natural.

This Sunday was my first Beauty Day Sunday and as I sat with my clay wash, I decided to plan a few hair goals for myself.

Fairy, One Strand, Peppercorn, Pixie, Single Strand Knots…Oh My!

No matter how you refer to or identify them, they are a nuisance!

The bane of my natural hair existence!
SSK: Close Up

This week in my updates post, I mentioned that I’ve been battling Single Strand Knots. Today I found an excellent article on 10 Tips for Preventing SSKs, by Mane and Chic.

I hope there is a tip you can to arm you in epic this battle!

Happy Hump Day!