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Natural Hair & Beauty Expo 2013: Re-Cap | Part II

FroHawkIn the last post, I spoke about participating in the Natural Hair & Beauty Expo; general information regarding the event vendors and about the event. Today, I’ll chronicle my personal experiences and thoughts about the road leading up to the event.

As a participant in the hair show, we agreed to have our hair styled by students at the Orlando Beauty Institute. We were informed that the stylists were senior students and had been used in the previous year’s event. Hearing that made me a bit more comfortable with the fact that foreign hands would be handling my hair. I showed up at the school in order to have a ‘consultation’ and to be notified which stylist (we’ll call her Nicole) would being doing my hair. Nicole and I decided that we’d do an updo or frohawk, and made our appointment for 3:15 on Friday.

Natural Hair & Beauty Expo 2013: Re-Cap | Part I



I had the great opportunity to participate in this year’s Natural Hair & Beauty Expo here in Orlando, FL. Like anything else, there were highs and lows, but overall the event was successful and I hope to participate in the event next year as well.

Event and Fashion Show Coordinators

To event was held at the Convention Center here in Orlando from about 10-8 p.m. There were vendors who sold hair and body products, jewelry, health and wellness items, and clothing.

The 8th annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expos was a Chase Ford production; where Vision and Creativity produce outcomes like no other!