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Video | The Diversity of Black Hair

I came across this gem on one of my favorite Natural Hair sites!   This hairstory is from the Black British perspective but parallels the American Black hairstory. Take 10 minutes and check it out!

Supporting Our Sistas! | Hair Talk

virginhairToday, something came across my dashboard from Toni Delay that caught my attention.  Toni is a vlogger, who among other things reviews hair pieces; in this case, from a Chinese owned company.  Toni discovered the logo for said company was “Best Hair for African” and politely suggested that they add a person of African descent to their marketing team. The reply she received from the company was enough to make this woman start a movement, beginning with a website; SupportASista.com (coming soon). The idea behind support a sista, is to support black and women owned businesses.  Check out the video below (you can fast forward through to the 2 minute mark to see the company’s response):