Today’s Thrift Finds

Interesting Antique Shop Find


Guess Pumps, $13.00

Today was a great day for thrifting! While I deep conditioned my hair, I took the opportunity to search my local antique and thrift shops.  I am in search of a couple of household items:

  1. Trunk: Fabric storage (I put my name on a wish list at an antique shop so I’m sure I’ll have one in the near future)
  2. Book Shelf: My idea here is to use the shelf to store my shoes, in my closet

Today, I was unsuccessful in finding the aforementioned items but I did find discover the wonderful antique shops and the Goodwill Boutique of Winterpark, FL. At DeJaVu Vintage store I found an awesome ring with an Ankh on it (I’m wild about Ankhs, BTW), which I had to buy!

100% Silk Scarves, $3.99

The true find today lay in the Goodwill Boutique (who know the Goodwill had a boutique?!?); I found a pair of Guess red pumps  for $12.00, Lucky Brand Jeans for $8.00, and 3 silk scarves for $3.99 each. I plan to ue the silk scarves to make my friends silk pillows! I will be creating a DIY on that one soon, so stay tuned!

Are you into thrifting or antiquing? 


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