A Curly Fro Kinda Christmas

Happy  Holidays!

I recently tweeted that I was trying the twist-n-curl for the second time since I began my transition.

My first experience left something to be desired so I decided to go with what had been working flawlessly, the braid-n-curl.
Usually I go with what I know works, but since I found out I had 7 inches of new growth, I was feeling adventurous.
On Christmas Eve, I sat out on my T-n-C mission! Starting in the back, I began two-strand twisting and rolling the ends with my perm rods. This process took a total of 40 mins to complete, as I was being careful to ensure my relaxed ends layed the way I wanted them to. I suppose I was feeling adventurous with products as well because instead of using foam, I used Eco Styer Gel. I have never be a fan of gel, but somewhere during the beginning of my transition, I got swept up in the product junkism of it all, and purchased some.

THE RESULT: To ensure complete dryness, I left my hair rolled and twisted all day and night, until 7:30 Christmas morning. I took the hair down using a mixture of castor and coconut oil. Usually I would use only cocnut oil, but because I know gel can be drying, I was hoping the castor oil would add moisture and shine. Here is the final result:


VERDICT: My hair was fly. I loved it, but…
Hair was dry and there wasn’t much shine. This morning when I touched my hair, I could hear it crying! Today is wash day so a good oil wash and DC should help…
Again, this is the 2nd time I’ve done the T-n-C in 18 months. The style itself was a winner, but because of the way it felt was a let down.

IN THE FUTURE: Will not use gel as a setting agent. I prefer a soft bouncy set, with lots of shine vs crunchy and sheenless. Due to the upcoming challenge, I have only one week to wear any styles that leave my ends exposed! The plan is for this to be my NYE style. I will come back later this week with my 3rd T-n-C!

How did you Christmas style turn out?

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