A Natural Hair Bind: Making Due With What You Have

Hey Curlies!

Recently, I needed to set my hair for a style for the next day. I knew I wouldn’t be home to do it, so in preparation, I got my scarf, perm

rods, and shea butter whip packed up and got ready to go.

Usually when I set my hair I use: Perm Rods, Liquid Leave In (composed of Water, Infusium 23, Aloe Vera Juice, and Rosemary Olive Oil), and my homemade Shea butter Whip.

When I got ready to set my hair, I discovered I had forgotten my liquid leave in 🙁 Instead of having a panic attack, I improvised. Knowing that water is the best moisturizer and it was easily accessible, I decided to wet my hand and rub the water through the sections as I finger combed. I then sealed in the moisture with my shea butter whip. I was pleasantly surprised this morning! Hair was super soft and definition was on point! Didn’t really feel like wearing it down, so I pushed it up. Natural hair is awesome, simple, and beautiful.

What do you do in a Natural Hair Bind?

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