Aztec Indian Healing Clay Wash: Follow Up

Hey Curls!

Love the Sheen!

Just wanted to check in with some photos for this Tuesday Morning Take-Down!

Yesterday was beauty day! As promised, here a few shots of the dried hair after using the Aztec Indian Clay.

Last night after trying the clay, I set my hair in about 10 braids.  This morning, I carefully unbraided them using coconut oil. I lightly fluffed the hair out to disguise any parts and to make the hair fuller for the style.  My Protective style idea was an attempt at Naptural85’s Simple and Charming “Natural Hair” Updo | Protective Style.

Side View
Back View
Back View: Simple & Charming Updo
Hair After Aztec Indian Clay Wash

Aztec Indian Clay Verdict: I <3 this product and will continue to use it

My hair is:

moisturized: hair is soft and has sheen, hair does not cry when touched

clean: scalp is clean and free of residue

Simple and Charming Updo Verdict: This will defintiely be my style this week for the challenge, as well as a go to protective style style in the future. The most difficult part was getting the elastic headband to stay in one place, as I began tucked the hair under the headband. Definitely took a few times to get it right! But well worth it!

This tucking method makes my hair appear more full

In the past, I’ve achieved a similar look, but using bobby pins, which have at certain times, caused headaches, I believe, from being too close to/tight around my scalp . This method allows me to get the most, out of the least amount of tools! I all I needed was the headband and voila! The hair looks full and I’m not hampered down with bobby pins! I will do a video in the future about how I achieve this style.


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