Balancing Natural Hair and Extracurriculars

In an earlier post, I posted information about a belly dance group, A Magi Belly Dance Company. I have been dancing with this group since at least 2009. Recently I was able to get a hold of some pictures from a wedding event we participated in called Weddings Around the World.  It was an event that hosted wedding vendors.  We performed as a part of the venue entertainment, as well as to advertise our Goddess Bridal Parties.  Goddess Bridal Parties are an alternative to the ordinary. Anywho, I was going through the pictures and looking at my hair. Again, I am 15 months into my transition, so my ends are still relaxed…I really wanted to know how well my hair held up during a performance.

There have been times where I was really nervous about my hair during a performance because of some props we use.

Here in this shot, you can see me (black top) balancing my cane on my head. Here, my hair was at least 3 days old. Originally, it was a curly twist out (my usual) that I’d pushed up and pinned into place.  I liked the result!  I also participated in a show where wore my hair up in a cinnabon; because we normally wear our veils during our cane dance, it was difficult to balance the cane on top of a silk veil, that covered a cinnabon!  You just try to balance a cane on top of oily hair, covered by a silk veil!  That brings me to another point!  There’s aren’t too many times we have to wear the veil on our heads (thankfully!) but when we do, I try to go light on the oil.  I’ve ruined pillows and scarves with oil stains.  For me, less is more and all that jazz!

The young lady in this picture is a professional belly dancer. Her name is Asada and she’s been dancing for at least five years. She just recently joined our group.  She’s natural as well.  She protects her hair and jazzes up her costume during events by wearing a wig,  with a customized beaded headband. When not in costume, she is a fervent bunn-er! 🙂  It works out really nicely for her and I can definitely see how it’s convenient!  I may have to check into a Princess Jasmine wig, just for fun! 😉

When I see women performers of Afro descent, I mostly see them protecting their hair with wigs and weaves…nothing wrong with that, to each her own. When I see women athletes of Afro descent, depending on the sport, it may be the same.  I mean, Serena and Venus always have a wig or weave on when they play tennis, which to me is understandable.  Women basketball players either wear cornrows or ponytails, or braids,  I imagine, to protect and maintain their hair.

Because belly dance is such a visual performance art, you have to look your best, so cornrows are not be the move for me.  Most times though, I can tweek my style to fit the props I will be using.  If I know I have a show coming up, I can prep my hair the night before to ensure it looks presentable.  In the future shows, I will be wearing the Goddess Comb or accessorizing with my own hair accessories.

Do you find the need to tweek your hair style to fit your extracurricular activities?



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