How Comfortable Are You Letting People Do Your “Do”?

Yesterday, my new friend Crystal, an Indian woman, asked me to be her makeup model for an audition for a MUA position she was applying for. I told her yes, as I knew that she had make up skills and I didn’t mind helping a sister out! Then came the scary part!


Crystal: And I will need to do ur hair, what’s the best thing I can do with your hair

Me: Uh, We’ll have to talk about that one, what did you have in mind?

Crystal: “IDK about the hair. I honestly just like simplicity so maybe just a plain high bun. does your hair straighten?

Me: (Thinking: STRAIGHTEN?!?! OH THE HORROR) We can not straighten my hair, but we can bun it!

You see, I haven’t used direct heat in my hair in 18 months so just hearing about straightening it made me cringe! Now, I realize that Crystal’s idea or method of straightening hair is a lot more simple then what my hair would require, but I would just rather not even go there. Later when I talked to her, I told her that I’d prep my hair that night for a style tomorrow (today) and come by her house earlier so that we could play in my hair and I could show her how to pin it up in a cute style.. Last night I did a braid-n-curl that I lightly plucked out this morning. I was thinking we could pin the back and sides up, leaving the top of the hair up

Initially, I was worried, but I feel a lot better knowing that I’ve met her half way by prepping and planning ways we could make a style work. I will be back later for updates and pictures!

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