BGLH PYE: Week 01.9.12 Started Out with a Flubbed Cinnabun

So this is Week 2 of the Black Girl Long Hair Protect Ya Ends Challenge.

I started, my usual Sunday Beauty day routine. Since I did my clay wash last week, this week’s routine was much more simple.

Flubbed CinnaBun

Pre-Poo with Amla Oil, Co-Wash with Cheapy Clarifying Mint Tea Conditioner (I added the rest of that awful Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the bottle so it wouldn’t be wasting away on my counter), Deep Conditioned with ORS for an hour using indirect heat, sealed and braided my hair up for the night.

Monday morning, I woke up, unbraided my hair with coconut oil and marveled at the softness of my hair…After realizing I had to be at work in 30 minutes, I tried to think of a style and went blank. I ended up with a sloppy cinnabun, one of my favorite protective styles.  It pretty much sucked because my puff balls were too few and they were formed in a hurry. If you do decide to do this style, take the time out to make at least 2 rows (3 would be better) of puff balls (for lack of a better term) because it looks more neat and regal.

This morning I was determined to either re-do the cinnabun or re-style my hair. I woke up late so re-styling was out of the question. I decided to leave my hair pushed up and just figure out a way to tuck the ends. I ended up with this:

Week 2, Day 2 Restyle

It’s not perfect, BUT the ends are tucked! I will most likely restyle as I am not satisfied with this style either. Re-styling from day to day isn’t my style at all; I found myself in the same predicament last week, having to change the first style because it wasn’t sleep friendly, and the second style because I had a performance where we had to balance a cane on our heads and I do not have the talent to balance my cane on top of a french roll (yet). I will re-style tonight and post more pics tomorrow.

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