P.Y.E Week 4: Want a Successful Transition? Make Your Hair a Priority, PT 2

Protective Styling

This week was interesting, to say the least. I have been on travel all week and will continue to be through next week. In anticipation of this, my plan was to start my wash routine (pre-poo) on Saturday night. Unfortunatly, things didn’t work out that way.
On Sunday, I got started on my hair at about 10 am. There were a series of things that had to be done before I left home, including wash, condition, and Protective Style my hair. I began by using my Amla Oil pre-poo. Usually, I leave it on for at least an hour, but due to time constraints, I cut it down to 30 minutes and didn’t do a thorough finger detangle as I added the oil. I then used a cheapy clarifying conditioner to co-wash my hair, in sections, of course. Finally, I applied my ORS deep conditioning mix and covered with a plastic cap. Usually I let my deep conditioner sit for at least an hour…again, due to time constraints, I only left it on for 30 minutes. By this time it was 1 PM and I had 4 hours until my flight left, which meant I had roughly 3 hours until I needed to leave the house. After rinsing my conditioner out, I used a tee shirt to get my sections as dry as possible. I then proceeded to add my liquid leave in, followed by my creamy leave in, and finally my shea butter whip to seal in the moisture. By the time I finished braiding, I had about 3 braids to each section (12 braids total). I figured my hair wouldn’t be entirely dry in 2 hours, but I was hopeful. As the time got closer, I realized that I was wrong about my hair being at least 75% dry, despite the fact that I used the cotton tee to get as much of the water out of my hair as possible. I had to take some sort of action so I pulled out my old faithful hand dryer! I haven’t used this in at least 20 months, however, I figured this could move the hair drying process along. I set the temperature on medium heat, and ran the blow dryer along each braid. Unfortunately this only helped so much. I bit the bullet and took down my braids, which were only probably about 45% dry. I noticed immediately that my hair wasn’t as soft as it normally would be, had I done my normal routine.

Protective Style Back View: Bun

I decided that I’d do a bun in the back and tuck the ends of the top of my hair inside the bun.  It was not cute, LOL, but I was in a rush so I did what I could to adhere to the challenge (link to the challenge) rules. Today is Friday and I’ve worn that style all week. It was beneficial because this week was cold and rainy in Jersey so I didn’t have to worry about my hair at all. Last night, I decided to re-moisturize and re-style my hair, since I will not be able to wash it this weekend. I applied my re-moisturizing spray and shea butter whip and then braided my hair. This morning when I woke up, I took down my braids and my hair looked like a chunky braid out, which would have been cute if I didn’t have ratty relaxed ends :), however, the hair was not as soft and it didn’t feel as moisturized as it usually does. I attributed that to the fact that though I moisturized, I didn’t apply too much of my re-moisturizing spritz because I was super tired and didn’t feel like being thorough. Since I am protective styling, I opted for one of my signature styles, especially since my supplies (I forgot my bobbi pins and only had the four that I used from my original style) and time were limited.

I learned a few things about my hair from this experience:

  1. I must pre-poo for at least an hour, and finger detangle thoroughly, otherwise I will lose more hair when I comb through my hair as I rinse out my deep conditioner.
  2. I must, must, must leave my deep conditioner on for at least an hour if I use indirect/body heat. I’m sure had I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes, I would have had better results, but I just hate sitting under the dryer and I was ignorant to what would or wouldn’t happen if I didn’t deep condition for the normal amount of time.
  3. I must allow my braids to dry in order to retain the curl pattern left by the braids. This one is a no brainer, but I was backed into a corner and had to take them down early.
  4. I also am loving the convenience of protective styling. I can get ready in under 30 minutes because I don’t have to worry about styling my hair each morning. It’s really a time saver. Not only that but of course protective styling allows my hair to rest from being touched and to hide from the various weather conditions, rubbing against my clothes, and moisture and length retention.

From now on, I will never make my hair a last minute priority because it shows in the look and feel of my hair. The rush job left me with hair that wasn’t as soft or luxurious as it usually feels and looks.

Is the look and feel of your hair altered when you deviate from your routine?

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