Protective Styling: It Ain’t Always Glamorous, But It Always Works!

Happy Hump Day!

In addition to being the first day of Black History month, this is also my 21 month Transitioning Anniversary, YAY ME!  Congratulations to all the transitioners who decided to take the plunge and transition to natural hair.  I hope your transition allows you to learn and love your hair, as I have during mine. Check out my tips for transitioners, present and future.

I found a widget to count down to my BC, which I have decided will be on Saturday June 30, 2012. Just in time for the Essence Festival in New Orleans!

I wanted to talk briefly about Protective Styling.

Protective Styles are low manipulation, low maintenance, fix it and forget it styles. Though I have been in the Protect Ya Ends Challenge since Jan 1, 2012, I've taken advantage of them throughout my transition.  Protective styling has allowed me to:

  • Avoid restyling or touching up my style daily: This has been great for me because I travel a lot for work. When you have to meet your co-workers at 6:30am, you don't have time to style your hair! When you get home late from a business dinner, you may not have the desire to re-style your hair. I like to style my hair and forget about it, though I do religiously wear a silk scarf to bed! I only restyle now by choice, and not due to necessity.
  • Moisture Retention: I pleasantly surprised that I was able to retain moisture due to protective styling. I noticed that when I wore my hair out (braid outs mostly and a few curly fros) I had trouble retaining moisture for more then 2 days. For me, that was a problem because as a low maintenance girl, it was too much work having to re-style every two days. Now I find that I can go until wash day without having to re-mois/turize, unless I want to.
  • Length Retention: Ever heard of hand in hair syndrome? They say it occurs when you can't keep your hands out of your luscious kinks and's also the culprit for dry hair, which can lead to hair that doesn't retain moisture or length.  Protective styling helps keep my hands out of my hair!
  • Comfortable Sleeping: I don't know about you, but I hate sleeping pretty! I wake up stiff and dream about maintaining my style, which translates to a good hair day, but a bad day otherwise. Protective styling has allowed me to sleep comfortably, which is important to me.
While protective styling isn't always as glamorous as wearing my hair out and 'wild' (as a co-worker calls it) , it works for a low maintenance girl like myself. Also I find that wearing my hair out of my face makes me feel regal and beautiful.  KimmayTube religiously protective styles and her hair is down to her waist. Chirco has a book called 'Grow It', where she talks about her strategy to growing her beautiful locks; she's a religious protective styler as well! I am looking forward to the day when I will be in the same boat as these ladies.
Do You Protective Style?


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8 thoughts on “Protective Styling: It Ain’t Always Glamorous, But It Always Works!”

  1. I am not a religious PSer, I want to be able to enjoy this hair but I do wear PS styles majority of the time. I really like your roll and tuck shown in the last pix, very cute. I found you via CurlRehab blog hop!

  2. Great post and thanks so much for hosting the linky party!

    Protective styling helps me alot because I like to touch my hair TOO much! Especially when I am work lol!

    Stopping by from the Curlrehab blog hop! Stop by anytime and be inspired! ~Blessings!

  3. I would love to Protective Style but my hair is too short right now.I do however sometimes Protective Style it in a “faux bun” using Marley Braid hair.If anyone has a TWA and can put it in a pony tail,I suggest trying it to change up your look.Just pull up a YT video on it 🙂

  4. Hi, I love the pictures of your protective styles. I wear my hair in similar styles sometimes but I find that I have to redo these particular styles each day. What’s your strategy for sleeping in these protective styles without the hairstyle getting messed up?

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks for your post! In order to protect my protective style, I use a silk scarf to cover my hair every night! This assists with keeping the frizzies on my edges at bay as well as helps to preserve the style!

  5. Really nice post and exactly where I am in my hair journey. Trying to get some inspiration from fellow bloggers on how they’re able to do the protective styling on their own. I have serious hands in hair syndrome as well as a handicap when it comes to protective styling on my own but your post has sparked something in me. Would you mind if I shared it with my readers? Thanks.

    1. Hi Aisha!

      I’m glad you were able to find some inspiration in my post! Feel free to share anything you find helpful; after all, we are in this together!

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